Trump, Russia And Beyond: 3 Tough Questions As FBI Director Heads To Congress

    Four months into the new job, his predecessor is sharing deep thoughts on Instagram, his boss is tweeting that his agency's reputation is in "tatters" and lawmakers are blasting out dueling press releases to make the case that important decisions have been infected by politics. It's not easy being FBI Director Christopher Wray. On Thursday, Wray will get a say of his own when he appears in Congress for his first oversight hearing since the Senate voted overwhelmingly to confirm him in August. Here are a few things to watch. 1. Russia, Russia, Russia Wray declared at his confirmation hearing that the probe of Russian interference in last year's election was not, as the president has claimed, "a witch hunt." Wray also proclaimed his admiration for his former Justice Department colleague and previous FBI Director Robert Mueller, the man leading that criminal investigation. Since that time, Wray has mostly operated outside the spotlight, and he's kept his opinions of the investigation toOriginal Article