China Says Indian Drone Crashed In Its Territory

    Months after a tense standoff between China and India along their Himalayan border, Beijing on Thursday expressed anger at an Indian drone that crashed inside its territory. "This action by India violated China's territorial sovereignty. We express strong dissatisfaction and opposition," Xinhua cited Zhang Shuili, a senior military official in China's western battle zone command, as saying. China said the drone crashed in "recent days" but didn't say where. Zhang said his country would defend its national sovereignty against such intrusions. He said China's border defense forces conducted "an inspection of the device," but didn't elaborate. India has not responded to the charge. Although the two countries have made moves toward warmer relations in recent years, they also have a long history of border tensions. In 1962, they fought a brief, but inconclusive border conflict. They have also had ongoing disputes over sovereignty in other border areas, notably Aksai Chin, a Himalayan regionOriginal Article