Book Of ‘New Rules’ Flows With Tippling Tips To Demystify Wine

    Just in time to worry about all the guests who will descend upon your house for the holidays — or perhaps all the wine you'll want to drink to avoid them — a new book aims to help you soothe your stress while still enjoying wine to the fullest. Wine writer Jon Bonné 's latest, The New Rules of Wine , navigates a complicated wine world by offering tips to ease any trepidation or confusion, and in some cases, even remind you that there are no rules. Most introductory wine books, Bonné says, cover the basics in a way that "If you knew anything about wine, you felt like someone was wine-splaining you. You're not trying to become an expert necessarily, you're just trying to figure out how to like wine enough so you can enjoy it in your life." Bonné gives 89 tips on everything from how to save money (Rule 11: You only need five essential tools for your wine life), talk to a sommelier (Rule 75: Ordering wine is a conversation, not a test) and teaches you how not to ruin wine (Rule 54: ThrowOriginal Article