The Monumental Task Of Reopening Puerto Rico’s Schools

    The schools in Puerto Rico are facing massive challenges. All the public schools are without electricity, and more than half don't have water. More than 100 are still functioning as shelters. But Puerto Rico's secretary of education, Julia Keleher, tells us that the schools that are open are serving as connection points for communities. They've become a place where children and their families can eat a hot meal and get some emotional support, too. On Wednesday, we reported on two schools that have reopened — one public and one private. And this week we spoke with Keleher by phone about the challenges students and educators are facing. Our interview has been edited for length and clarity. Interview Highlights Broadly, can you give us an update on the state of public schools in Puerto Rico? We have 345,000 students and 1,113 schools. Last week, we opened 22. This week we're opening another 145. And then, I've identified 227 that, when we remove the debris, we can open. So we've beenOriginal Article