Cleveland Indians Win 20 Straight, Tie ‘Moneyball’ Oakland A’s Streak

    The Cleveland Indians are chasing a Major League Baseball record that few teams in the modern era have managed to accomplish. The Indians beat the Detroit Tigers 2-0 last night in Cleveland to win their 20th straight game — tying the American League winning streak held by the 2002 Oakland Athletics. Baseball fans and movie goers alike will remember that team. The 2011 movie Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt, told the story of how the A's used detailed statistics to assemble a roster of under-appreciated, low-salaried players 15 years ago who went on to become a powerhouse team that won 20 straight games. The A's finished first in the American League West that season with a record of 103-59. The Indians will go for 21 straight wins when they play the Tigers this afternoon in Cleveland. The 1935 Chicago Cubs, a National League team, currently holds that record. Tying that record would be bittersweet. The 2016 Cubs beat the Indians 4-3 in last season's World Series. Cleveland had taken aOriginal Article