Teenager Opens Up To Her Dad About Her Experiences With Racism

    Editor's Note: This story contains a quote where a racial slur is used. Calvin Burns has trouble getting his 15-year-old daughter, Stepheni Bellamy, to talk to him. It's something many parents of teenagers can relate to. He hoped that doing a StoryCorps interview — and sharing stories from his own teenage years — might help her open up. Burns tells her when he was growing up, he was usually the only black kid in school and often felt left out. "It was really tough, but I think it made me stronger being the outsider," he says. Bellamy says she can relate. "Going to high school, there's not people just like me," she says. "There's mostly white people." It's not easy, she says. "Sometimes it's kind of hard because like in history, when we're talking about slavery or something, a whole bunch of people will turn and look at me," she says. "It makes me like say, 'Yeah, I know, I'm black.' " Bellamy asks her dad if he's ever been called the N-word. He recalls one time when he was about 12, heOriginal Article