GOP Plan To Trim Insurance Benefits Might Not Tame Premiums

    As House Republicans try to find common cause on a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, they may be ready to let states make the ultimate decision about whether to keep a key provision in the federal health law that conservatives believe is raising insurance costs. Conservatives from the House Freedom Caucus and members of a more moderate group of House Republicans, the Tuesday Group, are working on changes to the GOP health overhaul bill that was pulled unceremoniously by party leaders last month when they couldn't get enough votes to pass it. At the heart of those negotiations is the law's requirement that most insurance plans offer 10 specific categories of " essential health benefits ." They include hospital care, doctor and outpatient visits and prescription drug coverage, along with things like maternity care, mental health and preventive care services. The Freedom Caucus had been pushing to strip required benefits, arguing that the coverage guarantees were drivingOriginal Article